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Does your business have iron or steel waste? Or you may not be a business, but do have old iron or other scrap you’d like to dispose of? Van Susteren Metal Recycling is the place for you. We collect, dismantle, separate, and recycle all ferrous and non-ferrous metals – both large and small quantities – in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Maybe you have broken or unusable cars, batteries, catalytic converters, computers, forklifts, or other metal waste, or perhaps a shed that needs to be cleared? Call us! We offer a quick, reliable, and professional service and the best price for your metal waste (ferrous and non-ferrous).

What de we buy?

At Van Susteren Metal Recycling, we take care of items including:

Cars with engines
Mixed scrap
Brake discs
Iron beams
Red copper
Hand-peeled copper
Yellow copper
Heavy copper
Tin-plated copper
Aluminium profiles
New aluminium

Aluminium wheels
Aluminium coolers
New bronze
Stainless steel
PVC cables without plugs
PVC cables with plugs
Cable shells
Lead/copper cables
Aluminium cables
Aluminium/lead cables

Refined scrap
Good scrap
Electric motors
Computer circuit boards
Hard drives
Wheel balances
Brass shavings
Aluminium shavings
Stainless steel shavings
Grease lead
Catalytic converters

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